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#1 - 2018/10/29 05:22:00 PM
I think it's long overdue blizzard.

You would have a map with 100 horde/alliance free-for-all
You would parachute down and find loot (your toon would be naked)
Top 3 survivors get gucci conquest/azerite/honor
Everyone else just gets the standard loss reward

You think you don't want it, but you really do
-ion "double speak" hazzikostas

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#18 - 2018/10/29 05:35:00 PM
10/29/2018 10:31 AMPosted by Snowfox
I propose the alternative "Salad Bowl of Gnomes"

100 players enter.

All are transformed into gnomes and given a hammer.

1 gnome leaves.

Gnome way in, Gnome way out. It's a Gnomepocalypse.