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#1 - 2018/10/25 07:18:00 PM
Completed Jaina's story today finally. And i can tell you what it was not a fun experience.

Took us close to 2 hours with many, many wipes on last boss, many people leaving, most of the people doing alot of mistakes myself included.

A normal version of the mythic dungeon should be available!

Did i feel good after finally downing boss? Hell yeah! Did it make me want to go in more mythic dungeons? Hell no. Just not interested as a casual player.

Blizzard listen. There's casuals and hardcore players. You can't force people into wanting to go in mythics. Doesn't work like that.

Add a normal version of Siege of Bolarus

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#127 - 2018/10/26 04:01:00 PM
Unfortunately this thread has gone way off the rails and has to end now. Everyone, please remember the Code of Conduct when posting on our forums - it is perfectly fine to disagree on topics, but keep the discussion polite.