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Are you new to World of Warcraft or returning after a long break? Bellular's New & Returning Player Guides will get you up to speed.

Check out the complete playlist on YouTube.

Episode List:

Episode 1: What is World of Warcraft

This episode provides a brief history on World of Warcraft and what is needed in order to play the game.

Episode 2: Creating your Character

Learn how to pick a realm and create your first character.

Episode 3: First steps and game UI

Discover the features of the World of Warcraft UI and learn some tips & tricks for taking your first steps in Azeroth.

Episode 4: Leveling Up and Mounts

Learn more about how to level up and unlock riding skills and mounts.

Episode 5: Social Features and the Community

Discover the social features and the wider World of Warcraft community.

Episode 6: PvE Content in World of Warcraft

From dungeoneering to questing, there’s a wide variety of PvE content available to take part in.

Episode 7: PvP Content in World of Warcraft

Test your mettle against other players by diving into the PvP content of World of Warcraft.

Episode 8: Additional Features in World of Warcraft

Take a look at some of the other features and activities found in World of Warcraft.

Episode 9: Gearing up and the Endgame

You’ve hit level 120 but the journey is far from over, now it’s time to discover what to do next!

Episode 10: WoW Encyclopedia: Abbreviations & Terminology

Are terms like AoE, BoE, BoP, DPS etc. another language to you? This video has you covered!

This video series was also created for German, French, Spanish and Polish players – why not check out those guides as well?

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