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#1 - 2018/10/19 05:45:00 AM
For years have the residents of this forum suffered from the harassment and toxicity brought by Asmongold and his goons. We surely have all heard his name and have been negatively affected by his interactions with this board. Well I say that enough is enough and it is time to ban Asmongold from General Discussion.

Asmongold plagues this site and spreads like a disease with the aid of his devious minions. He sends his angry viewers from his Twitch and Youtube channel here, acting as mindless drones to pollute the forums with toxic posts and calling on them to push his elitist agenda unto this game. When will the mods stop this spam? When will we finally stop seeing hostile anti-casual anti-Blizzard posts caused purely by Asmongold and his dark ambitions?

Repeatedly has he harassed posters and players on the forums, in front of a audience of thousands for all to see as he, like a wolf and a rabbit, devoured innocent posters simply for having the wrong opinion on the game and its systems. Repeatedly has he called for the hounding of Blizzard employees, some who even may read these very forums, simply because the plans which they craft so delicately and passionately for World of Warcraft do not match up with his elitist agenda.

How much longer will we allow Asmongold to use his forceful influence to twist the natural balance of these forums? Shaping opinions and sowing toxicity, Asmongold and his invasive minions have no place on General Discussion. He must be stopped. He must be banned. Please consider this at I do genuinely believe the removal of Asmongold from the forums will remove toxicity and encourage a healthy, friendly environment for new and old players alike. It is time to remove the thorn from the side and say enough.

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#165 - 2018/10/19 01:25:00 PM
This thread has been locked due to the subject matter by the Moderation Team.
It's important for us to provide a civil and friendly environment on the forums, where all players can feel comfortable sharing their thoughts with each other. Calling out other players or posters is in direct contradiction of that.