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#1 - 2018/10/18 04:31:00 AM
Hey everyone.

Here's a collection of thread titles from 2005 alone. Yes, 90% of these are just complaints (except for a few). I just thought it was interesting.

You can visit any of the sites, but the threads unfortunately no longer work. Just thought the titles told an interesting tale of how WoW has progressed.

And yes, this is only 2005.

PvP is a joke, Starting a new char?
Go to hell blizz
900+ Queue
1100+ Queue!
Sad complainers, you are..
Anyone lose the "drive" to hit 60?

Ignoring posts asking about upcoming patch
Goodbye WoW!

File complaint w/ California Consumer Affairs
WHY does the raid lockout issue still exist?
Endgame issues have to be addressed - cont'd
Battlegrounds, why they won't work

Cancel.. Acc
Fanbois, start stirring the punch
BLIZZARD is CHEATING it's customers...
Losing Job because of WoW?

Cancelled, but not for the reasons you think
My thoughts of the whining that goes on this
I cancelled too - which one of you cares?
Award for worst GM of them all!

Worst costumer service ... sorry blizzard
How to report a GM?

A Blue response about shaman nerf?
The nerf bat welcomes all
Blizzard says "Enjoy the lag!"

HOW TO: Wake Blizzard Up !!!!!
Sign here for a 1-month refund (170 pages)
Bliz clearly states that Paladins are tanks
Proof Blizzard has NO IDEA what is going on
Contested town pvp = dead GG bliz

The endgame = FFXI
If you are 60, you are not a casual player
OMG BLUE nerf teh warlocks!!!1one
Honor System Q&A with Kalgan

Um can a blue please tell us what is going on
Illidan is borked, fix it newbs
Illidan was working fine...
ETA on Illidan ... 3+ hours .. no word ?????
Petition: Paladins are doing too much damage

Inappropriate GM Behavior
No Wonder Blizz is having problems!!
Blizzards new UNFAIR CONTEST...
[Blue] Honor System is FLAWED at its core
Blizzard: How about visiting the realm forums

1000+ Queues on Blackrock
the end of wow
Shaman God mode has been finalized

Are shamans really overpowered?
Other regions playing on North America Server
Pandorians will NOT be a new race, Heres Y
Rejuv hotfix broke my talents
Worgen as the new Alliance race?
For the Love of PvP
Shadowbolt crits you for 5245 shadow damage
Caydiem makes me want to quit
Frostshock crits you for 1980 frost damage
Cay: Oceanic Server Update
Casual epics, the definitive solution
General Forum crits you for 6938

No new classes in expansion is a mistake
Storing shards isnt the problem, gathering is
Because shaman need buffs

Are we returning to diablo2?

Tseric - Casual Players "Majority"
WoW is NOT for casuals.
Tseric /who Blackwing Lair
From Tserics thread response
Why the hell do the best caster (MAGE) whine?
Non-raiders, the fight is over
Okay Casuals, gimmie all you got
Casual (hmm gonna agree)
I am a "Casual Player"
My thoughts on Casual vs Hardcore gamers
Tseric, I dare you again

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#51 - 2018/10/18 04:52:00 PM
Thanks for the research OP. This was a walk down memory lane I was hoping to forget >.>

10/17/2018 11:06 PMPosted by Lesionofdoom
you can't assess the health of the game based on GD

^ This y'all.

10/17/2018 10:54 PMPosted by Etch
the cries over the newly character transfer services were L E G E N D A R Y

Oh god that was amazing. The second Faction Transfers came in it was pure salt for weeks.

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#62 - 2018/10/18 05:13:00 PM
10/18/2018 09:57 AMPosted by Phydeaux
I love the way that people dismiss all criticism because there has always been criticism.

I don't think you're seeing the point of this post if that's your only take away. OP also even stated it in a response in this thread where they said that "GD doesn't showcase the health of the game". That's the point, not that criticism is being dismissed.

10/18/2018 10:05 AMPosted by Whiskeyjack
10/18/2018 09:56 AMPosted by Currency
i remember when a warlock asked Ghostcrawler about potential nerfs.

he replied, "To the ground!"

Lol classic

Wasn't it in a comment about Rets that "To the ground!" was born?

It was Ret Paladins specifically, I still haven't fully healed from that heartbreak.