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#1 - 2018/10/17 09:17:00 PM
I havent watched the wow panel the last year because I was not playing much wow and didn't originally plan to come back (but the free weekend in June roped me in)

Anyway, usually they open to questions from the audience, do you think they will legit answer questions or beat around the bush more and give no real solid reply?

I don't play the classes or specs that are having issues but its so noticable the issues that marks hunters have and shadow priests. I know balancing so many classes has to be hard but come on now.

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#25 - 2018/10/17 11:37:00 PM
It's questions that attendees and submit via a box on Day 1, along with a post that we will put up on the forums where you guys can ask questions. Same as last year.

As for the curation, yes we obviously have to dig through and filter questions because we do have a limited time and we want to get to some relevant questions based on what we're talking about and the things that we know are up and coming. If you're watching that Q&A and expecting a mechanical deep dive of questions then you're going to be disappointed as those are just not easily answered on the spot like that in a live Q&A. I would recommend looking up a video of it from previous years in case you're curious.

I hope the duck guy finally returns and we find out the fishing lure wasn't good enough for him.