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#1 - 2018/10/17 10:27:00 PM
I think there is a problem here guys, if you check the progression of the MvPs they barely do raids even on LFR, they don’t pvp, and they have low gear level which implies that they are very casual players and I would assume the same with community managers.

I’m not dissing them or anything, it’s understandable that they have a lot of stuff to do in real life so they don’t get to play the game as much.

I think this is a problem tbh, we need managers and MvPs who can represent the hardcore gamers, the people who put in many hours daily in the game. Because here is the thing players think MvPs and community managers are shills and that’s not true because they represent their arguments based off their perspective which is very casual and many of the hardcore / passionate players don’t like it and they end up fighting and calling names.

I’m not sayig fire current MvPs and community managers, NO. I’m saying we need both perspectives in the community the hardcore and the casual perspective so the devs could see the complete Image. hire passionate hardcore gamers, blizzard.

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#23 - 2018/10/17 11:32:00 PM
The right balance is having diverse folks to speak to multiple play styles. Having just hardcore players doesn't make a good game, I'm speaking as one here because I do understand that. Blues and MVPs range from Multi-Glads to casual pvping with friends, former World First competitors to normal raiders. Some folks play the game to just collect pets and achiemevements or even role-play.

10/17/2018 03:27 PMPosted by Dfat
we need managers and MvPs who can represent the hardcore gamers

It's also really funny reading this post and knowing that Dilly couldn't sign his NDA at the time, because he was in Ohio competing in the AWC Spring Finals and was busy playing against some of the best pvpers in the world. Dilly literally has more Rank 1 titles than fingers, true story.

Talby is our resident hardcore monk in the MVP program and gets Cutting Edge usually every tier.

Neall might be one of the most hardcore players purely in his aspect of just grinding achievements, and he runs multiple community runs every week.

There are hardcore folks involved and representative of you guys, but they aren't the only ones is my point ;)