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#1 - 2018/10/06 03:45:00 PM
Method got World First Uldir (what a surprise), and while they celebrated Blizzard was running around in panic mode because they were haemorrhaging subscribers.

But how is that possible? Surely Method rubbing their World First awesomeness into our faces is supposed to make us want to play this game? Isn't that how e-sports work?

Blizzard is trying to make World of Warcraft into an e-sport and this is destroying the game.
I have attached links to Blizzcon 2005 World of Warcraft panels, where they explain the original design philosophies of World of Warcraft, and we can see how far the game has gone away from those principles, and how e-sports (and Method) are making it worse.

1) Blizzcon 2005 Warcraft Raid Design

0:56 "We have to give players something to aspire to"

In Vanilla wow, when you saw someone in awesome Raid or PVP gear, you said "I wanna be like that guy", and then became inspired to raid and pvp.

E-sports completely destroy that feeling.

You can't aspire to E-sports, the average player watching Method trying to down G'huun after 280 wipes can in no way shape or form aspire to that. You have to quit your job and play this game 14 hours a day just to keep up.

1:13 "The world feels a lot bigger when there is unbeaten content out there"

Interesting fact, Alex Afrasiabi was a top Everquest Raider, and Blizzard asked him not to get World first Onyxia when Vanilla wow launched.

This is because "Blizzard felt too many people would think they had inside knowledge if they continued this achievement trend in WoW."

Unlike today where Method internally test the raids for Blizzard before anyone has even seen them, and then proceed to down them immediately upon release. If Method didn't get to test raids, would they still get World Firsts?

Imagine when Classic Wow releases and Method gets World First Ragnaros on the first WEEK? How will that make you feel as a lvl 14 player killing Quilboars?

It's like the negative psychological effects of Beauty standards nowadays, where the media present unrealistic standards and all it leads to is eating disorders and negative psychological impacts.
Source: Psychology Today

Simply put, the extremes that Method and e-sports represent are making people not want to play this game.

7:17 "We want to challenge the player so they feel a sense of accomplishment"

Jeff Kaplan: "You could turn that nob of difficulty up on the players....but if you ratchet it up too high, it creates a lot of frustration"

When people see Method playing this game 14 hours a day, and wiping over 600 times in a World First race, what impression does this give the playerbase?

"Do I have to do that?" Technically you don't have to, but it's like the unrealistic Beauty standards I mentioned earlier, you technically don't have to be a top end raider, but you will sure be made to feel like excrement if you're not.

13:43 "A lot of players wanted Blackwing Liar kept off the PTR, so players wanted a sense of competition and surprise"

Where is the "Competition" where Method gets to test all these raids, and then proceed to always get World Firsts? That's like having a Jeopardy show and Method gets to "Test" all the questions.

Also "Surprise" do you like having an entire raid spoiled by Method guides? Nowadays you're not allowed to just figure out a raid for yourself, you have to read all the guides, watch all the plays, research a laundry list of pre-BIS gear.

Watching this 2005 Blizzcon panel is an eye-opening experience, because all the problems wow is facing now, THEY KNEW what they were doing back then to avoid these problems.

If Method gets to test these raids, and then always win World First competitions, is that a fair competition?

Should there be an Alex Afrasiabi rule for Method where if you are involved with internal testing, you are not allowed to get World Firsts?

2) Blizzcon 2005 Character Class Panel

3:42 "We wanted the paladin to be one of the easier classes to play"

WOW! Blizzard admits Hardcore raiders and elitists are not the centre of the universe! No but really, they designed a class for beginner players.

The problem with Method doing internal testing is they are literally shaping the game for themselves. It's like Blizzard is making a racing car for Method with all sorts of gears, and buttons, and levers, and then expects somebody who just got their driver's licence to drive the car as well as them.

World of Warcraft is becoming a game made by Method for Method, and everyone has to play THEIR game.

16:30 "A lot of players tended to go into the cookie-cutter builds, and it still didn't feel like there was a lot of customisation"

You were never supposed to have a 10 volume Tech manual telling you how to play your class, and more-over, how to play the game.
But undoubtedly E-sports culture has entrenched this nonsense idea that in order to play Wow you have to spend hours doing excel spreadsheets, graphs, theory-crafting seminars, and write a doctoral thesis on why Intellect is better for paladins than Strength.

E-sports pigeon holes everyone into playing the game "the right way", and destroys the elements of individuality and customisation that make the game fun.

3) Blizzcon 2005 Dungeon Design

0:16 "When we started out designing World of Warcraft, we realised something that makes an MMO a lot of fun for players is not feeling like they're funnelled through content, like they'd only have one choice at one time"

Hahahahahhahahhahaaha, you hear that Ion? But seriously the way the game is being designed and the way E-sports work is you have to play the "right way", you need to do Island expeditions for Azerite, Mythic dungeons for score to then get into Raids that award the best gear....and PVP? Go play Overwatch.

3:39 "Seeing too much of the same thing is tedious"

Seeing "Method World First" is Tedious.

12:00 "It's not bad to take the path of least resistance, but we need to do things as game developers to ensure that your play experience is as fun as possible."

Warfronts.....showering you with loot for zero effort
Maw of Souls...running this 10,000 times to farm AP

The problem is that Method will take the path of least resistance, and because Method is doing it, that means you have to do it.

15:43 "You guys, are part of the development process, this game is being built around you"

Why can't Jeff Kaplan run this game? But nowadays player feedback in Beta is completely ignored, and the only feedback Blizzard cares about is what Method tells them. So by that logic, this game is being built around Method. (No wonder they keep winning).

18:52 "Most players, on what I call level up dungeons, go there once or maybe twice, they don't want to spend a lot of time doing the dungeon over and over again".

Jeff Kaplan: "In fact they get resentful if they feel they have to do the dungeon over and over again"

Hey have you done your normal, heroic, mythic, mythic +1, mythic +2.........Shrine of Storms?

The Mythic Plus invitational has been well received by the community....since they get to watch it, and not have to do it themselves.

E-sports has really turned Wow into TV, where people Vicariously do all the content by watching others do it.


E-sports are turning Wow into an extreme pigeon hole cookie-cutter "you're not playing the right way" (Method Approved) TV show that is going the same route as the Oscars.


Oscars are losing viewers because Millionaires getting golden trophies for movies that nobody actually watched is the same thing as Method giving themselves a high five for playing a game that everyone has unsubscribed from.

Stop making Wow into an E-sport

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#349 - 2018/10/08 08:17:00 PM
I don't know why people keep parroting that subs are "hemorrhaging" despite having 0 data to back it up. On our end literally nothing indicates that that is happening.

As for the rest of your post, I see what you're trying to say OP but this whole post falls apart when you remove one piece really, and that's that Method or any guild for that matter doesn't internally test raids. They only participate in PTR testing, which is as the name indicates... is public, which you can do too OP. We do have an internal raid team that does work with the encounter designers, which is comprised of former top raiders from around that world that are now Blizzard employees. Which means they cannot compete in things like tournaments, as well as not being able to participate in the World First race.

Esports and WoW isn't a new thing. The community has been creating their own tournaments arguably since Classic with server 1v1 dueling to determine who was the best, but it really took off in TBC with Arena being introduced. Which was more than a decade ago at this point. The Raid races as well for PvE were always happening, but it was put on a BlizzCon stage in 2011. These aren't new things. Being world first even in Classic and TBC was a big deal. Who remembers when SK Gaming got the World First Sunwell clear over Nihilum and shocked everyone? I do. I mean Nihilum was thought to be unbeatable and was on a streak before SK Gaming broke it. Notice any similarities to now and then? Someone will come along and beat Method too. No king rules forever.

I get what you're saying OP but this is a weird thing to complain about and you're attempting to reinforce it with things that even Method and other top guilds would disagree with. You forget that Method goes into the race with a giant 12 hour handicap due to the reset. If the fights were also designed in their favor, then every other guild competing would be up in arms complaining about it. They're not. They would notice immediately if that was the case and be doing the same exact things, so this is kind of an impossibility. If any guild is upset about it being unfair, its usually Method because in the past fights were adjusted after Method killed them, because they were too hard. The competing guilds want to fight the boss that Method killed, and Method wants that too. Once a boss is killed now we try not to touch it for a little bit, even if we think its too hard, as we want everyone to have the fair shot to do what they did.