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#1 - 2018/09/15 03:32:00 AM
Hey, please explain what happened to the vicious mounts. I thought that in bfa we would be able to get 100 wins in 2v2 or work on the saddles the same way we now can work on the vicious clefthoof/riverbeast.

However i am shocked that all vicious mounts are now unobtainable because you can no longer get vicious saddles, or choose which vicious mount you want to go for. Nothing has been said to clarify or warn players that this was going to happen.

If you are planning to make all the previous vicious mounts unobtainable, atleast give your players a little heads up, warning or something. Right now everyone is confused about the new system and we are all desperately making tickets and searching for blue responses.

I like the changes to the way vicious mounts are obtained with the new vicious clefthoof/riverbeast in BFA, but i was not aware all the other vicious mounts was going to be unobtainable/removed? I would very much like to choose the vicious mount myself, like the vicious war fox <3

Please someone post and clarify what happened and how the new system works, thanks :D

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#12 - 2018/09/24 12:11:00 PM
Seems there's quite a bit of confusion about the methods of acquisition for Vicious Saddles. Sorry if we didn't communicate on this earlier.
Here's how it currently works:

Currently, players can earn Vicious Saddles through the “Veteran of the Alliance” or “Veteran of the Horde” series of per-character achievements. We’re also working on some new ways players can earn Vicious Saddles in the next major content update, Tides of Vengeance.

Note that the Battle for Azeroth seasonal mounts will not be added to the saddle vendor until sometime after the conclusion of the final Battle for Azeroth PvP season. Until then, the only way to earn these mounts will be to actively participate in the associated PvP season.