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#1 - 2018/09/16 02:38:00 PM
on Zuldazar and Kul'tiras, sometimes my herb flowers disappear when i get close to them.

its probably due to this game running in instances, which is what allows us to get teleported to a bunch of guys ganging up on a daily mob when you get invited through the premade LFG system.

im guessing the game sometimes cant figure out where the actual !@#$ you are, and places you in different instances, and suddenly your flower you wanted isnt in the instance you are in.

please fix that would you.

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#5 - 2018/09/16 03:13:00 PM
This is likely due to someone else picking the herb or mining the ore node recently, as it would despawn within about a minute of the first person looting it.
That timer would allow multiple people to loot the same node but the node would disappear after a while.

Phasing and cross realm changes may be a reason also, but would be more dependent on the area and zone, questlines etc, so it's more likely to just be someone else looting it a minute or so ahead of when you reached that same spot.

If you do think it's a Bug please do report that ingame using the Report Bug feature.