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#1 - 2018/09/12 08:21:00 PM
I am totally baffled.

There is no difference between Legion and Zandalari ring enchants as far as stat levels?

For example:-

Seal Of Haste (Z) and Word Of Haste (L) are both +7
Pact Of Haste (Z) and Seal Of Haste (L) are both +9

It's the same for all ring enchants.

I have enough mats left over to make gazillions of Legion enchants, so what's the point of gathering Zandalari materials to get EXACTLY THE SAME LEVELS OF ENCHANT?

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#2 - 2018/09/13 06:56:00 AM
Hey there!

I had the chance to look into this and indeed the ring enchantments provide the same bonus (7/9 points) for a level 110.

However, the Zandalari / Kul Tiran version scales all the way up to level 120 for 27/37 points and that's where the real benefit kicks in.