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#1 - 2018/09/11 08:05:00 PM
It is funny that a PVE centric content of 20 players vs AI cant allow guild groups higher than 5 people, we had a plan to do it as a guild and work on the achievements and just have fun, guess that is a word Blizzard doesnt understand. Player choice this expac seems really limited. I dont usually complain about the state of the game but this seems a huge oversight or just a giant dumb call having one of your key futures of the expansion locked like this. Islands are a giant borefoest also with random rewards and no way to target them. I still enjoy Mythic Plus a lot and Uldir is fun even though I just started it on Normal and wont cry like others that I will unsub but dam Blizz you are making really hard to keep logging in besides making your game a dungeon crawler and that is not what an MMO is supposed to be.

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#5 - 2018/09/11 08:18:00 PM
I did it in a group of 5 but honestly didn't know you couldn't queue as a group of 20. Thanks for the note.

09/11/2018 01:16 PMPosted by Hargruo
I remember them saying when it was announced that you could?

If you have a link to that it would be much appreciated.