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#1 - 2018/09/08 09:20:00 AM
So, I've contacted numorous gms about this and made bug reports, still nothing happening. The problem is that I had forgotten about my last Falcosaur, Direbeak hatchling to be precise, and thought i might just finish it up in legion since Im on one of the last quests, The Direbeak team rumble.

Here's the problem. The quest doesnt give me any progress in legion pet wqs. And before people start ranting, yes Im doing it correctly. Direbeak in first spot and always deals damage and survives.

Since the pet wqs got removed from legion and the bfa doesnt progress, I feel this should be fixed asap since other players on it might just give up after a couple tries and neglect the whole chain.

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#6 - 2018/09/11 04:34:00 PM
To receive credit for the Team Up quests, your Falcosaur Hatchling must be summoned next to you when completing a Pet Battle World Quest.
Beware that if you rearrange your team, the pet that you select goes first will be automatically summoned and will dismiss your hatchling.

It's also important to note that the World Quests in Argus and in the BFA areas will not count.

Best of luck getting the Direbeak mount! :)