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#1 - 2018/09/04 05:52:00 PM
Hey! I made a thread I think yesterday saying I needed help finding the Argus questline after boosting to 110 in order to get the Now you are prepared! achievement so I can work towards allied races.

Well, today I reached the final quest in the storyline according to wowhead, Seat of the Triumvirate: The crest of Knowledge, which appears to be a dungeon.

Here's the thing: the quest points me to a portal which seems to be the Mythic variant of that dungeon. Upon attempting to enter, I get a message in chat saying "You need to progress further in the Argus storyline in order to enter".. Since I got placed so far in Legion content to be able to instantly start the Argus storyline, i don't understand why I can't do Legion dungeons.. Can someone help me out please?

EDIT: In fact, I cannot queue for any dungeons other than BfA..

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#2 - 2018/09/05 11:49:00 AM
Hey there Nehrone,

As you are level 118 now, you have outleveled the Legion dungeons and can no longer queue via the dungeon finder. That will only let you queue for level-appropriate content.
You can still create a party with friends or fellow randoms and make your own way over there though. :)

The Seat of the Triumvirate then is not only available on Mythic difficulty; you can run it on Heroic as well. Could you try turning the dungeon difficulty (at your portrait) to Heroic and check if you can enter then?