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#1 - 2018/09/04 07:02:00 PM
A friend wants to start playing the game, he's planning to buy the WoW Complete Collection Pack, My Question about that is, can I Recruit him to the game after he buys it? Thanks in Advance

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#2 - 2018/09/05 11:41:00 AM
Hey there Kolatso,

It is indeed possible for a newly created (and upgraded) WoW account to still be recruited. Your friend can accept the invite link you sent them up to 30 days after creation of that account.
After clicking the link, they can choose the 'existing' account options to do so.

Just have them double-check that they don't already have an old WoW Trial on their If they end up upgrading that in error then they wouldn't likely be able to accept your invite anymore on that account as it would be too old. :)

Enjoy checking out Azeroth with your friend!