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#1 - 2018/08/29 09:21:00 PM
I am trying to level jewelcrafting but it requires 2 expulsom to craft a single gem. It is a long way to 150 when expulsum is, seemingly, so rare.

How do you guys manage to gather larger amounts of this stuff? I've scrapped a ton of gear with only a few expulsom as a result.

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#2 - 2018/08/30 08:57:00 AM
Hey Àdranos,

Personally I've managed to obtain, most of the Expulsom from scrapping gear, especially trinkets, that I would not use or were a downgrade for my character. If you see a world quest that offers a trinket, go for it, as it may offer you an Expulsom material - that excludes crafted trinkets.

You can also manufacture it if you have the Alchemy profession. So maybe level that profession up, along with your Jewelcrafting?