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#1 - 2018/02/25 05:21:00 PM
A big thank you to Blizzard and their art team for listening to player feedback.

If you have not noticed it yet (some of you most likely have), Blizzard have listened to players over the past few years and we can now enjoy weather effects AND darker nights once more.

Last night I enjoyed a stroll through Stormwind with a darker atmosphere than earlier, where the sky was no longer only a darker skybox but a night sky with stars.. The torches over Stormwind actually light up areas now during night, and it really set the mood of night time and made it look really beautiful.

I've also encountered rain effects all over Eastern Kingdoms, much more prominent than earlier. (I have no clue if they have added snow or sandstorms too in areas it is fitting in.)

Thank you Blizzard for making the world more immersive and beautiful, all these things really sets the scene for what is going on in the game world! Beautiful!

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#22 - 2018/02/26 05:32:00 PM
Hey Plaguevii,

Glad to hear you have been enjoying those darker nights in Legion :)

Our art team will most definitely be pleased to hear the positive feedback.

Thanks for sharing!