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#1 - 2018/02/26 05:18:00 PM
I am unable to do anything on my character. It says I am stunned, although there's no debuff indicating that I am. I got kicked out from LFR because I got dced and when I logged in again, I experienced this problem. I tried doing stuck, didn't work, removed WTF, cache and all that, it didn't work. Reload didn't work. Joining a bg didn't work.

Is there somebody who'd experienced the same problem in the past and could give me advice? I would really appreciate it. I did submit a ticket to blizz, btw.


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#3 - 2018/02/26 05:29:00 PM
Hey there Zím,

If a UI reset didn't help then I'd definitely recommend getting in touch with one of our Game Masters for help with this issue.

Hopefully it will not be long now :)