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#1 - 2018/02/21 07:55:00 AM
Dud anyone else collect these for Wow? It used to be part of the excitement for a new expansion, and the dungeon guide and bestiary etc. I know most of the information is online now but I've found it very interesting to look at the vanilla guide and compare the spells we had then to the current set up. All those warlock curses, the druid buff etc. And the advice about dealing with underperforming dungeon companions and ninja looters!
Shame we don't get them any more.

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#5 - 2018/02/22 01:32:00 PM
I still have the original World of Warcraft one from when it first came out, and then 2 more during Burning Crusade that I got in the first version of the BattleChest.
Those two were slightly smaller, where the original one was nearly an inch thick and full of info about all the zones, quests, dungeons and raids and even gear from top content at the time.

It's currently in my computer room beside my game boxes, I've kept them all :D