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#1 - 2017/08/23 01:03:00 PM
Hiya all WoW fans, haters and general MMO players.

I downloaded the starter edition to try WoW and was impressed so decided to buy the full game.
When I bought this it came with 30 days free game time.
On Friday I get paid so will be buying 3 months & the Legion expansion.

My questions are:-
1 - Will I lose the free 30 days game time or will the 3 months be added to the 30 days?
2 - If I buy 3 months on the 25th with my renewal date always be the 25th of the month?
3 - Does the Legion expansion provide any new starter places / items? or will I not see the Legion expansion contents until I get to level 100?

I started with Pandaria some side questions are how many characters can I have? When can I join a guild and is anyone willing to let a noob join??
Reading online people say the same thing, the game doesn’t start until you reach level 90 – 100 – 110, can someone advise why the game doesn’t start until then?

Sorry for all the questions, I’m new to WoW and seen how long it’s been out I’m surprised I never knew about it until now.
I have played many MMO mainly new & old school runescape, final fantasy & EVE however WoW is above all them and pleased to join the WoW world ;-)

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#18 - 2017/08/25 04:14:00 PM
Lots of really good tips for a new Adventure everyone, thank you! :D

Welcome to Azeroth, Kolatech!

I would definitely recommend taking your time and enjoying the experience. There's an awful lot of ways to play from early on, including collecting and battling pets, exploring the various quests and story-lines, not to mention some very nice transmogrification items you can get at all levels!

There's lots of guilds out there and I'm sure they'll be keen to recruit you!