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#1 - 2018/08/28 12:25:00 AM
It seems that the frenzy of this WQ exploit is propagating a ton of misinformation, like 3 day bans going out and whatnot.

Here's a real rundown:

A WQ exploit was discovered (since hotfixed) that allowed one to get the rewards for completing a WQ, yet flag it has having not been completed, creating a cycle where one could gain the rewards over and over again, be it raw gold, gear, resources or most commonly, reputation.

As far as I can tell, no official action has been taken yet against anyone, and that is likely due to the scale of damage done.

This exploit undermined gearing (repeating gear quests for titanforges), economy (Raw gold, materials/expulsom from scrapping gear), and reputation gates (jumping to exalted on every rep in a day versus the intended few weeks). It's a massive amount of damage. Thousands of gold and reputation, tons of ilvls, resources, etc.

Action will be taken. Unlike the cooking spices exploit that simply allowed people to powerlevel cooking, or the early Legion AP exploit that saw people get their AP reset that were fairly contained in scale, this exploit was effectively an item and gold dupe with far reaching impact.

It's my personal opinion that anyone who abused this should be given a permenant ban, as it's clear this exploit circumvented and undermined multiple game systems for unfair benefit.

Please stop spreading rumors that this was only a reputation exploit and that people are only getting 3 day temp bans for it. It's false information and the issue is much more serious than that.

EDIT: As this thread lit up after Ythisens replied, I've continued to see misinformation. This exploit was a series of very intentional steps to prevent a WQ from registering as complete. It's almost impossible to do on accident or through normal play.

Finishing a particular WQ a second time in a day, that has popped up again for you normally, does not constitute exploiting.

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#20 - 2018/08/28 12:52:00 AM
We are indeed aware of this exploit and have been working on a fix. We are also taking action against those who are abusing it.