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#1 - 2018/08/27 09:25:00 PM
these guys are killin me

they just love saying 'you think you want that, but you really don't'

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#35 - 2018/08/27 10:40:00 PM
I understand the concern about wanting to feel yourself get stronger but you still actually do, the world just feels a little relevant for a little longer and I think it achieves that. On my main I've already far outpaced it and at 341 I feel like a god again. I can pull a large number of mobs and easily handle them all and churn through WQs pretty quickly.

I even leveled an alt up and geared it this weekend up to almost 320 ilvl and it felt just as fine as it did the first time. When I hit 120 I noticed the mobs were a little stronger and I was having to be a little more careful but not by much and that didn't last long at all.

If you're finding mobs that do individually feel strange you should bug report them so the team can look into it but the system as a whole is working fine at least from my experience.

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#123 - 2018/08/27 11:47:00 PM
08/27/2018 04:10 PMPosted by Amandiel
He isn't on the dev/design team. He is providing his feedback as a player.

Exactly. I'm just sharing what exactly my experience was when going through it both times and they both felt the same. I'm leveling a Warlock next so I'm interested to see the difference it makes as a clothie. I'll probably share my thoughts on that experience too but from my guildies they didn't even notice the scaling hardly at all even as a caster.

08/27/2018 03:45 PMPosted by Cyouskin
Casters do have it worse than melee.

Yeah this is what I'm interested in testing out myself and seeing how different it feels.
08/27/2018 04:35 PMPosted by Gozuk
I'm curious, have you ever played an elemental shaman? :)
If so, how was your questing experience compared to other classes/specs?

Elemental is usually always my second alt that I use for alt night raiding. I haven't quested with him yet but I plan on doing that one after Warlock. Historically for me it's always been fine, little slower obviously but still fine.

08/27/2018 04:05 PMPosted by Etch
Oh, shut up. You all are just terrible at this casual game.

Lets not be rude.

08/27/2018 04:02 PMPosted by Älexandra
this was never an issue in older expansions.

people leveled to max level, and had fun when they got gear and stomped everything in the older content. that's what an mmo is, you get strong and go back and have fun lording over all the stupid crap you had to fight before.

The point is it was an issue that always was there but you didn't pay much attention to it as a player nor really care too much about it to be honest. I didn't notice it either until the dev team had pointed it out. It seemed like something they always wanted to try to fix it or change it but never had the chance until now with the scaling tech they have now.

It feels good to get stronger, to see your avatar in this world crush your foes, and it feels very good to get gear and get upgrades, that's a core feature of an MMO, there is no debating that or changing that. What's great though is being in a place where the content can be as relevant as possible and the rewards still match your time investment. One of the things Ion talked about with this system is that the health pool of open world mobs does get a little higher with your ilvl, but you get stronger in a faster pace. It's not making them infinitely stronger than you or making them comparative to you forever, its just a little bump at the beginning. By the time you're hitting 320 you are already far outpacing them at least from my experience.

I think its a good topic to be aware of and concerned about and I 100% get the concern and agree that going overboard does counter a core feeling of the game, but if the beginning, middle, and end of the system still end with you being able to have that character progression and feel yourself progress then I think the system can work. When it doesn't is where you have the problems and of course the team doesn't want that. Which is why they ask for specifics on any issues you're finding so they can address them and fix it if needed.

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#124 - 2018/08/27 11:50:00 PM
08/27/2018 04:46 PMPosted by Leesha
So.... you are telling us what we feel? No, you are incorrect. I personally DO NOT FEEL STRONGER.

Please don't tell me what I'm feeling while playing my character.

Thanks for the callout. I should edit that, wasn't my intention to tell you what to feel but rather imply you still have the ability to feel stronger with your effort.