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#1 - 2018/08/26 09:46:00 AM
I leveled a Shaman before BfA launch to play the new content as Enhancement, a spec I have never played. Sometimes I heal when it is needed. I'm a on-off player so I don't know about how "things have always been", so if the problem I'm having "has always been this way you scrub", please excuse me.

Now to my point. Why am I dropping shields as Enhancement when you're clearly encouraged to dual wield one-hands? I have gotten shields from emissiary quests and World Quest rewards and the worst thing is, they keep Warforging while nothing else really does. It feels like a faint "!@#$ you" coming from Blizzard each time that happens. I got excited when I dropped a 325 mace from a Heroic to upgrade my 310 weapon. Having played Legion the most, I never had to worry about weapons.

Is it normal that Blizz doesn't give you weapons? Is it normal that I keep dropping spec-innapropiate gear? I have set my loot specialization to Enhancement not Current.

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#3 - 2018/08/26 03:45:00 PM
World quest and Emissary quests are Class specific, not spec.
This was something the WoW Devs specifically setup so people wouldn't have to go swapping specs all the time to check out potential loot rewards from the world quests out there on the map.

I can totally understand where you're coming from though, if you played the majority of your time in Legion with the Artifact weapons you really didn't have to worry about weapon drops at all.
This time around though weapons are a part of the characters natural progression, and finding upgrades for those would be something you'd do along with all your other equipment slots (with the exception of the neck slot where you have the Heart of Azeroth of course).