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#1 - 2018/08/21 07:03:00 PM
Potion of Herb Tracking is a S C A M.
I do not know if the Champion Equipment is working properly or not, but I have already 3 followers with this equipment. Still, I am yet to find a single HERB from them despite I even have one of them on EPIC level (I have been spamming missions since last week).
Is there any blue that can give me a hand on this? is this working as intended? if so, I wish to know why on earth does this equipment cost 30 expulsion????

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#4 - 2018/08/23 09:29:00 AM
Hey everyone,

In my own personal experience, it seems that the crafted champion equipment has a fairly low % chance of success, but the return on the amount of materials, seems quite good.

Now if you feel that this can be improved upon, by all means provide a suggestion to the developers in-game!