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#1 - 2018/08/05 04:17:00 PM
Hello guys,
i am looking for someone, who can create me dragonstrike and dragonmaw in BS. I have all materials and Drakefist.
I can pay 15000g, and maybe more, if it is not enough.
Send me an mail ingame or whisp me, if you mee online.
Thank you

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#2 - 2018/08/07 11:32:00 AM
Hey there Alavon,

Before you hand over any gold or materials to a fellow crafter, just double-check the items you are looking for. The Dragonstrike and Dragonmaw I remember from a few expansion ago are Bind-on-Pickup so won't be tradable once crafted. :)

Good luck with the (I presume) Transmog hunt!