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#1 - 2018/08/02 08:06:00 AM
Sylvanas is committing tree-son
I urge you to convince her a peace tree-ty is the way forward
Mining azerite for indus-tree-al advancement has blinded her
While the properties of azerite are indeed in-tree-guing, it is not worth waging war over
The ma-tree-arch of the undead has forgotten her people's true needs
Can the honour of the horde be re-tree-ved from this situation

I'm on a s-tree-k with these tree puns

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#8 - 2018/08/02 09:48:00 AM
I can't think of any. You could say I'm... stumped.

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#63 - 2018/08/02 03:10:00 PM
Some people just want to watch the world-tree burn.