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#1 - 2018/07/20 10:59:00 PM
I'm not quite sure if this is about a bug or 'working as intended from now on', but since the patch, "/castrandom" is not working as before the patch.

Before the patch, I used 'castrandom' in a macro to get a random mount from a list of mounts and it was a new random one every time I fired off the macro.

Now, when i fire off the (same as before) macro, it'll give me a random mount and as long as I remain logged on to the character, it'll return the same mount every time. After logging, I get a new mount and I'll 'keep' that mount for the rest of the session.

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#6 - 2018/07/28 11:27:00 AM
Hey everyone,

I don't have any info on the actual /castrandom command, but I do use the Random Mount option from the Mount Collection screen myself. That still works a charm.

Just in case that has gone unnoticed to some (it is only a little button in the top right of the Mounts screen), perhaps that can be an option for use instead? It will select a random mount from the ones that you have tagged as being your 'favourite'. :)

Happy travels (on hopefully randomly selected mounts ^^).