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#1 - 2018/07/03 08:57:00 AM
For a second, lets put the toxicity behind us and Share one act of kindness you received from a stranger/friend and one act of kindness you have shown to some one. it can be a major help or a trivial one and let us remind ourselves how much goodness we have in us.

let us share.

One act of kindness received : after hitting 70 didn't know how to get into raids and was very socially awkward. some stranger invited me to a Karazhan and helped me kill 5 bosses till i got some gear. he added me and virtually taught me how to raid, interact etc. he left the game in wotlk end. but i still thank him for making me feel comfortable.

One act of kindness shown: Hosts weekly Normal raids and ensures i carry 3-5 low level people. it makes me feel satisfied and a feeling that some one is feeling the same i felt during my first Kara Raid.

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#33 - 2018/07/05 06:28:00 AM
I love these threads! Thank you everyone for making this a community to be proud of :D

As for myself – Back in Northrend I had just joined a guild when the account of one of my new guild mates was compromised. At the time I wasn’t aware Game Masters were able to restore accounts, so I crafted some epic gear and traded it, along with some gold, to help him get back on his feet.

The amount of gold I traded away then was the exact amount I was given back in Classic to purchase my epic mount and skill from a random player.