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#1 - 2018/07/03 08:32:00 PM
We know that War Mode wants to be the next great PvP mode for the future, but there's some tricks that people can do to completely avoid it.

I wasn't aware of this, but nowadays I've been ganking people in Argus and I noticed something that will completely destroy this system: Group Finder.

There's no point in War Mode is your enemies can mid-combat phase into another realm. Just like that. You engage them, and they join a WQ group with auto accept and they go into another realm.

That's bull!@#$. People should not be able to join groups or phase into another realm mid combat to avoid the hard part of War Mode: the open world PvP.

If those 2 things get into BFA, it will be like Blizzard shooting his own new system in the foot.

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#3 - 2018/07/03 08:51:00 PM
In War Mode, you can't CRZ out of your current War Mode shard while in PvP combat.