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#1 - 2018/06/13 12:41:00 PM
With Legion coming to a close we thought we might try something a little different and collect some specific feedback on things. We've now covered Mythic+, and Mythic Raiding so its time to change it up!

This week's topic is going to be about PVP Systems over the course of Legion. BUT WAIT. While its easy to lump class feedback into the umbrella of PVP that's not what we're looking for here. We're looking for feedback more centered on PVP's functioning systems. This includes things like gearing, Arena and Battleground maps, rewards, rating systems, etc.

Why the clarification to exclude Class Feedback?
This is because if we didn't this feedback post would be almost impossible to read or evaluate. Those types of issues are far better as one offs that we can evaluate within those situational examples.

Where is X topic?
Don't worry as we have a list of topics that we plan on going down and its probably on the list. Every week will be a new topic so just give us a moment and we'll get there.

What Topics have you covered already?
We've now covered Mythic+, and Mythic Raiding.

Also a friendly note that just because you see it here doesn't mean it will be changed or added - and this topic is not an indication of future feature development.

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#25 - 2018/06/13 02:33:00 PM
13/06/2018 15:12Posted by Ixenn
Thanks for copy pasting a version to the EU forums , unlike the Mythic+ dungeon thread.

Sorry I've been out on vacation over the past couple of weeks but I'm under the impression these threads were opened in both NA and EU? If one of these threads was missed I'd be happy to rectify it so we can get your feedback. :)

Are you referring to this one:

Or something else?

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#178 - 2018/06/22 09:23:00 AM
Thanks for all the great and constructive feedback.

All of it has been compiled and sent on to the development team. I'll be closing this topic out now, and we'll be back with another End of Legion thread for another system soon.

In the meantime, we recently outlined our plans for how PvP rating & rewards will work in Battle for Azeroth which you can read about in this blog post: