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#1 - 2018/06/05 03:25:00 PM
BFA is 70 days away and there is still some characters I want the challenge artifact skin on. I can get them to level 110 no problem, gearing them is a little more work but I can do that relativity fast. Problem is I have to wait for the tower to be up before I can do it. 3 days of active time, and if I have to wait to do it again because I'm a bit under geared or don't have the time during the week it's active, I reduce my chances of getting what I desire in time. I'm returning from the game after a break and getting all characters to the point of completing this is taking awhile.

Last 30 days of legion lets have the challenges be active all the time. I'm fine with the shard cost those are super easy to get a heap of them. 30 days should be plenty for all who desire to get up to the point of completing this on as many as they want/can. If you're going to take the challenges away why won't this be a good idea?

That something we can agree on?

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#38 - 2018/06/06 01:02:00 AM
No specific details on timing at the moment, but we are planning to allow the challenge to be attempted at any time, regardless of the status of the Mage Tower, as we approach the end of Legion.

As said, nothing on timing to share at the moment, but we will share more details when we have them. For now, you can continue your attempts, get those strategies down, and work towards better gear to help you complete the Mage Tower!