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#1 - 2018/05/16 12:12:00 PM
Went to watch Adam Savage's new video on YouTube only to see that it was titled, 'Adam Savage's New Warcraft Armor!'.
Holy hell he went and got the full Ally foot soldier armour.

Thankfully he left a link to the company that are selling of the WETA Workshop/Legendary props

I hope you have deep pockets if you hope to get something. Most items start at $300 up to armour costing $1.000+

For you mages out there Medivh's (Ben Foster) Elwynn Forest Costume and 'Atiesh' Staff is at $1,300 (£962)

575 item in total. I have not looked at them all yet. The auction ends 25th May at 9:00am PDT

Do remember to read carefuly the FAQ of Ordering and shipping if you are thinking of buying. Also Inport Tax.

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#2 - 2018/05/16 03:34:00 PM
I watched Adam's video over on the Tested channel the other night. Seeing how excited he got over opening all the bits and pieces and then just geek out when wearing it was amazing.
Definitely worth the watch and I would highly recommend checking out the auction even if it's just to look. Some of the items they have up are just so incredibly detailed it's beautiful to just browse.