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#1 - 2018/05/15 02:11:00 PM

He seems a pretty cool guy tbh and loves the game but one thing he said annoyed me .


I dont know if he is serious or what but surely he knows we have the best

Ranked 1 guilds in the world
Ranked 1 PVP players
Ranked 1 Dungeon teams

Iam not sure if this post break the rules or what if so i apologise because over in NA they address blues/staff in Title topics .
If it is agaisnt the rules please delete and iam sorry .
Also can we have a CM like him who seems to post daily in the forums and listens to the players.

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#5 - 2018/05/15 04:02:00 PM
Saw that US thread pop up yesterday and have been following along with it, loving some of the replies in there.

But just incase anyone was wondering, Ythisens was just having a bit of fun with the NA stuff. If you read the question they were answering and the reply it's clear (at least it was to me but I've been reading their stuff for a while now) that it was just in fun :)

Should read the whole thing though, fun thread.
Link -> Does Ythisens actively play the game?