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#1 - 2018/05/01 12:27:00 AM
I had mixed feelings regarding scaling and gear considering WoW is still an MMORPG, but I'll ignore that for now to analyze the possible positives of Warmode.

So, with Warmode we're getting scaling, which will make it much harder to faceroll players with lower gear. This evens the playing field for everyone, making fights actually fair.

If you give players a reason to fight each other, wPvP will happen.

We need a way to make the player experience from Normal / Warmode very distinct from each other:

1) Incentivize wPvP encounters:
Now more than ever, make honorable kills in wPvP matter. Make them count. It's not about gear / player level anymore. Make it feel like a high risk / high reward situation: kill or be killed. Questing has a current issue right now, which is that it's very easy to succeed and hard to fail.

Buff their honor up, make them give experience while leveling, make it fun. Make tokens that you can exchange for cosmetics, conquest, gear, etc. It's time to give honorable kills in wPvP some love. With scaling coming to wPvP, there shouldn't be a reason not to fight in the open world.

2) Reward the risk and negatives of being flagged for wPvP:
Some might disagree here, but for wPvP to happen, I believe that flying mounts should be disabled. Flying mounts make engages and escapes way, way too easy. Escaping and engaging should be done by the player (hiding, ccing and running); not by a mount. Flying trivalizes wPvP and the threat that comes with it.
This would inevitably make questing slower, so I believe some sort of numerical buff to experience, quest rewards and resources acquired during warmode will be necessary.

3) Make content around wPvP:
04/27/2018 07:48 AMPosted by Jharax
Quoting Ion Hazzikostas, from "What's Next" at Blizzcon:

"We have a foundation upon which we can build a new generation of World PvP content."

"We could create all new content, whether it's bounty hunting quests, or quests that send you to assasinate high value targets in enemy territory, and encourage some of that organic conflict and reward it in a way that we never could before."
Avoid Warden Tower type quests; make us fight players or go into zones where interaction between players must happen. Attack / defend targets, zones, etc.


I believe that if done correctly, we can have something very, very good going with wPvP. It's not just "wPvP" anymore; it's called Warmode for a reason. Make it live up to its name.

It's on Blizzard to give this side of the game some love.

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#2 - 2018/05/01 02:04:00 AM
We hope to have War Mode up very soon for everyone to try out. Until then, I’ll outline a few details:

Honor Talents enabled
As mentioned by Ion and others, Honor Talents are on permanently while War Mode is enabled in the outdoor world. This was the case in Legion as well, but they would only enable when you got into “PvP combat” causing them to enable and disable while playing which ended up feeling a bit “janky.” Players may also find some added benefit with Honor Talents against normal PvE creatures as well, which is designed to be part of a “package of bonuses” to offset the inherit lost efficiency of World PvP.

Gear scaling
In order to create a fair fights and good gameplay, our goal is to limit the extremes in power between players in War Mode that come from gear and level. We want you to have an advantage if your gear is better, but within reason. The experience should be something similar to Unrated Battlegrounds in Legion (but without the stat templates). Keep in mind this is scaling only in PvP combat, so your power against creatures in the world will remain the same as it would be with War Mode disabled.

Conquest and World PvP
In Battle for Azeroth you’ll earn conquest for doing PvP activities similar to how it was gained in the past: Rated Arena and Rated Battlegrounds as well as some light conquest from Unrated Battlegrounds. But what’s new is earning conquest from doing World PvP activities. This gives you an additional source when filling up that “conquest bar” for your weekly conquest item.

Bounty Hunting
How do you earn conquest in World PvP? One source is from killing other players, of course. But the more of the opposing faction you slay, the higher chance they will put a bounty on your head. When a bounty is put on you, it will be announced to all opposing players in the zone and you will appear on the main map for a reward. Good luck!

And more...
While we have one or two other content features in War Mode we’ll share later on, one of our goals is to keep it minimal. As you point out Ion saying, we want to create a foundation first which we can hopefully build upon (with your feedback!) in the future.