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#1 - 2018/04/26 10:15:00 AM
Can anyone kindly tell me what battlegrounds are included in the large random battlegrounds? Cant personally test yet since I am still levelling.

I personally always enjoyed large scale pvp and support this 'large random battlegrounds as long as it has all 40v40 in it.

Can anyone confirm to me if the following is listed under large scale battlegrounds?
TM vs SS
Tol barad

Having said that the only reason AV and IOC is still active is because they were listed under random battlegrounds. If Blizzard can list all 40v40 under large battlegrounds that will be just perfect!

Can anyone update on this?
Would like to update many people as soon as possible!


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#2 - 2018/04/26 07:07:00 PM
As of right now Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest are the only two battlegrounds in the 'large random battleground' list.