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#1 - 2018/04/24 10:25:00 PM
Redoing the thread for the Beta Forums

Tier 60

I don't think I hate Aura of Sacrifice as much as other people do. I like the trade-off between sacrificing your health (or at least the cooldown of Divine Shield) for an incredibly impactful raid cooldown. However, I will agree with other posters that both the passive and the active don't feel different enough from Devotion Aura.

I still think Aura of Mercy is fine as an option among a row of aura talents, but I'm not very excited by it. Using Aura Mastery with Mercy feels like you haven't really done much. At least in Legion we were able to provide the 15% increased healing for 8 seconds from Protection of Tyr.

Tier 75

I like the choice between Judgment of Light and Holy Avenger. I don't know how noticeable losing 15 stacks per application on top of losing Il'terendi will feel for Judgment of Light, but my guess is that this is still a comparable decision.

I feel like Holy Prism is still lackluster. I think this talent has lost a lot of its power now that Light of Dawn has such a short cooldown (compared to LoD being ~20 seconds as a Holy Power spender when Holy Prism was more prominent in Cata/MoP). I think the design of damage plus healing can work really well with other more damage-focused talents, but it just doesn't feel as impactful as other choices on this row.


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#8 - 2018/04/26 01:06:00 AM
We want to keep Beacon of Faith, but also have that row be competitive. Even though we rarely do kiss/curse talents, this is a case where it's worth it to use the % transfer to balance the talent. It's also deceptively strong, because even though it looks like "30% reduction" means you get only 1.4x the usual benefit of Beacon--in reality you often cast on one of the two tanks, get the mana return consolation prize, get any set bonuses or traits that trigger, and still get 70% benefit from the other beacon. Long story short, agreed that the health of that row depends on things being able to compete with Beacon of Faith. Divine Purpose is still something we want to try on that row, as a more all-purpose talent that's not as situation-dependent as all of the Beacon variants.

Awakening may well need to be stronger. Its tuning should reflect a premium for the fact that it's uncontrolled. It's already buffed from The Topless Tower to try to better account for that; we'll keep an eye on it at least.

Holy Prism may well need to be stronger also. But, like many talents that add new damage/healing buttons, it's already getting stronger relative to its peers due to the departure of Artifacts. We'll see if that's enough on its new row.

We like Beacon of Virtue as well! Nothing planned there other than any minor tuning that may arise.