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#1 - 2018/04/19 05:50:00 AM
Recently, an archery club opened where I work, and naturally, as a Sylvanas fan, I thought I'd have a go.

Twelve arrows later from a distance of 12m and I'd not even hit the target area once so I don't think she's gonna call me up as a Dark Ranger anytime soon, sniff.

How about you, have you ever tried out a WoW weapon type irl and what was the result.

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#38 - 2018/04/19 01:49:00 PM
Archery I've tried, that string slap off the inside of my wrist left a mark for weeks.
Clay shooting across three different gauge shells.
I've been here long enough that I have my sword and will be getting my shield later this year. That'll look nice in the office room at home :D
Bo staff as part of a martial arts course from when I was younger.
Does chopping firewood with a 2h axe count?
Axe throwing a couple months ago at a charity event

Ow and I got pretty decent with the BanHammer.

I'll need to think about what weapon types I've not still tried and add it to the bucket list :)