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#1 - 2018/04/16 05:32:00 AM
A number of years ago I made an in-game friend who I did quite a bit of stuff with. In early WoD they stopped playing.

After that the account never even logged into bnet until around 9 months ago. Which it did for just a few mins. Didn't log into any games, just logged bnet.

On Friday evening, it suddenly logged again. Just for a few mins. Then on Saturday evening, it suddenly logged into WoW with a 110 mage on a different server to the one the friend played on, which was also weird since the friend only played a healer.

All my messages were ignored and after a few mins, the account logged off.

Everything considered I'm pretty sure that it's no longer my old bnet friend who now 'owns' the account. And therein lies the moral dilemma, should I alert Blizzard to this, or should I just look the other way and pretend that whatever happened between my one time bnet friend and someone else is none of my business, delete the 'friend' and move on ?

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#39 - 2018/04/17 04:29:00 PM
If you have a reason to suspect an account may have been sold, hacked or stolen, you can contact our Game Masters who will investigate the matter and handle it accordingly.