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#1 - 2017/06/12 08:21:00 PM
Im currently stuck in Suramar at first i completely skipped suramar as i heard it was optional and also hated it
But once the pathfinder thing was added i started going through it
But I've been stuck at 8/11 for ages now
Im at 1300 honored
I still have
A growing crisis
A change of seasons

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#14 - 2018/04/17 11:35:00 AM
Hey there Dababi,

You are posting in quite an old topic. It is not very likely the original posters are still hanging around, but the reputation requirements have also been removed over time. There is nothing stopping you now from completing the full Suramar quest chain. :)

In your case though, you may be posting with the wrong character. Dababi has a few Suramar quests in her quest log and you can simply continue with those. They will take you through the zone and stories.

For more details on the quest chains, have a look at, especially the comments in the achievements Nightfallen But Not Forgotten and Good Suramaritan.

Good luck!