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#1 - 2018/04/14 01:07:00 PM
Last thread is capped.
Starting this one to keep it all in one place.

So please continue to discuss in here and let's try all to not start other threads so it's at least constructive talk.

Thank you!

EDIT: Some materials to help maybe newcomers get some info before jumping into discussion: - Taliesin's video with pro and against arguments summed up - more reasons to be an Allied Race - Nobbel's video on Kael'thas - also this image could be helpful too

Link to the last part :

Link to the US forums to the last made and active thread about the topic:

If others feel like suggesting more, please say and I will pin them here in EDIT.

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#79 - 2018/04/15 08:09:00 AM
Hello Shandlyre,

please do not create multiple threads about the same topic. Use this existing thread for further discussion:

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