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#1 - 2018/02/22 10:17:00 PM
Hi all,

A new Battle for Azeroth dungeon – Tol Dagor - is now available for testing on the Beta. In this thread, we'd like to gather as much of your feedback as possible regarding the new dungeon, once you've had a chance to run it.

Any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated, including topics like:

  • The overall flow of the dungeon
  • Visuals, including creatures and environment
  • Boss encounters and their mechanics
  • Overall difficulty
  • Any bugs or unexpected behavior you may have encountered
  • Any other general thoughts about the dungeon


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#29 - 2018/04/12 04:02:00 PM
04/11/2018 09:55 PMPosted by Squishei
Party Composition: 5 11/11M Raiders.

Done on Build 26367.

Trash to First Boss

Pretty Boring except for the Eruption mechanic (ID: 267203). Seemed completely random. On the video there looks to be a small dust cloud? Not sure. If there is an animation its not very visible.

First Boss

Nothing special. Initial impression would be that the Submerge/Erupt mechanic will become terrible on Tyrannical keys, but I'll wait for M+ to actually comment more on that.

Trash to Second Boss

Don't mind the lots of trash, but some of the trash in this area sucks.
- Sewer Vicejaw: Massive Chomp [258079] kinda sucks for tanks, I assume that's the intent but it stacks relatively fast even for normal and this will be a group you just have to kite and stun (which are nerfed now).
- Ironhide Thug: Debilitating Shout [258128] is just overly punishing for melee. As in Legion dungeons, many things are just outranged for ranged characters. This is no exception. With a range of only 20 yards, ranged should never get hit by it. Yeah, it can be stunned/displaced/LoS'ed but I feel like the shout, if cast should affect all targets in LoS, rather than just melee characters. Speaking for Normal Mode -50% damage for 12 seconds is a long time. Heroic -75% damage means you need to control them even more, OR just outrange them, especially since you can't kick the cast.
- Bilge Rat Seaspeaker - Love the idea that you either kick or purge the shield bubble off him. Good choice and leads to different choices when you have a more caster group (purge) and a more melee oriented group (more kicks)

Absolutely love the extra buffs mechanic. Though wisdom seems random underpowered compared to the other 4. Plenty of keys which is good.

Second Boss

Can be pulled through the wall, allowing you to tank him where he ends up after the 50% transition anyways. Even if you couldn't pull him through the wall, if you just tank him there, all the adds will funnel to you anyways. 2 person kick rotation for the fear feels acceptable.

Trash to Third Boss

Slightly disappointed you removed Friendly Fire on the cannons, but it's obviously why it had to be done. Players in the cannon are able to hold aggro on mobs they've damage and mobs are allowed to hit the person inside the cannon. Seems odd.

Third Boss

Awesome mechanics. Normal mode, so I don't expect too much but excited to see the fight on Heroic/Mythic where protecting them are more important. On Normal, something might have bugged out and we ended up getting 4 barrels. Not sure if that's intended.

Final Boss

On Build 26367, Cross Ignitions animation has disappeared. Completely random if you get hit by it or not. The environment's cannons also now don't seem to fire at players and just fire straight? Seems like something happened with this boss. Enviromental cannons are hilarious to watch someone die to the cannon blast unaware, so I would definitely like to see them aim at players again.

He also seems to not have a set attack pattern for Deadeye. In this last time, he did it only once throughout the entire fight. In a previous dungeon, he actually used it multiple times to force multiple people to soak it.


Overall, I have concerns about the length of the dungeon as well as this dungeon on certain M+ affixes (Bolster, Necrotic, Teeming) but I'll wait until testing on those is live. With many mobs that run away when close to death and potentially pulling extra trash, it'll probably be rough.

I love the vary aspects of class utility in the dungeon - Purges, Kicks, Lock Picks all can lead to different strategies.


Thanks for the feedback! Do you recall what abilities or process you used to pull Jes Howlis through the wall?

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#39 - 2018/05/16 08:34:00 PM
Tol Dagor has been temporarily closed until a new build is available.