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#1 - 2018/04/05 05:56:00 AM
I posted about this yesterday but for some reason I don't know the thread got deleted. So I'm going to raise this concern again and I'm going to pursue this since I find the pretty extreme that no action was taken during the NA vs EU tournament.

Make of it what you want - to me it's pretty clear that the sap that landed on that druid was an was a case of the infamous sap bug that has been raised by the community since forever.

What's the sap bug? It's a bug where you can macro vanish/sap together. If you use it close to your enemy they drop combat too and the sap lands. Even though the opponent should be in combat.

Here's how Loony (the sapped druid) got treated during the tournament when he reported this obvious abuse to the admins:

You can then ask yourself if this was intentional abuse by the rogue. I know what I think.

But - even if this was unintended it clearly completely screwed over the druid's team where they have to use every single cooldown to survive leaving the unable to counter the next "go".

Let's say this is not intended. If something like this happens during a tournament shouldn't the match be replayed? It's not really fair that a team looses because of a bug?

If I am all wrong about this - why am I not proven wrong by a blue poster for example? Instead of deleting my threads about it you could just come forward and explain what actually happened and that the video of the event shows it all wrong?

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#18 - 2018/04/05 08:36:00 PM
04/04/2018 10:56 PMPosted by Molbert
I posted about this yesterday but for some reason I don't know the thread got deleted.

04/05/2018 12:16 AMPosted by Mortishå
maybe they are deleting the thread because they feel you are telling people how to do the bug and Blizzard wants to avoid other people trying to copy cat it

I looked at the other deleted one and it seemed a little more like a name and shame thread so that's why it was deleted as that's against the CoC. However, this kinda thing is hard to talk about and it not be somewhat calloutish because in order to point out something that you might think is an exploit you have to point at an example of someone doing it.

I'll be honest I don't quite fully understand what is happening in those clips but I'm passing it on and its being looked into. No idea if I'll be able to give a reply as this isn't something we normally address publicly.