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#1 - 2018/04/04 12:37:00 PM
I think i want to start a ally...
Itll be on a different realm tho because the one i am on is a horde realm...
But i was wondering is this a dumb idea?
I mean my characters would be split over 2 realms and different factions??
Or is not really a big deal?
Also is it even worth it seeing the otherside?
The thing is tho i want to make a druid but i dont rly like tauren OR troll and night elf well makes the best druids in my opinion :)

But my horde be on one realm and ally on another anyone else doing this too?

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#15 - 2018/04/05 02:03:00 PM
I make a habit of playing both, simply because I want to experience the full story :)
Some of the faction specific questlines or mini cut-scenes fills in the blanks you might have if you only see it from one side.
At least that's my thinking on it :)