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#1 - 2018/04/02 10:12:00 PM
Hello all. I have recently got the angler fishing rod and have the pearl installed over the Dalaran fountain. It is my understanding that if you throw rare fish into water, such as the fountain, you get an artefact power boost of 50 AP per fish. I equipped my rod and fished up a bunch of oodelfjisk in Stormheim. I travelled back to the fountain and started throwing the oodelfjisk into the fountain. There was a flash each time and my character jumped up while thrusting his arm into the air. But the Artifact Power remained the same. I have my angler rod equipped while I am throwing the fish into the fountain and they were caught after I got the rod.
Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong here?

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#2 - 2018/04/03 03:32:00 PM
There's actually two versions of these Fish, one that will raise Fishing Skills, and another version caught when using the Underlight Angler that will give Artifact Power.

You can see the two versions here

It's very important to note here that the Artifact Power versions will only appear for you once you have completed the entire questline and have the Underlight Angler equipped while fishing.
Using any other rod (or no rod at all) will net you the regular version of the Rare fish that increases Skill, even if you are already at 800.

The flash and arms in the air animation when you throw the fish in the water, that's the Fishing Skill increase.
The Artifact Power fish just do the flash, no waving arms or anything and that flash appears the moment you throw them, not when the fish lands like the other version will.

Hope this info helps :)