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#1 - 2018/04/01 03:09:00 PM
Why is every profession selling the finished item for less than the cost of the materials to make it? Flasks costs like 200g less than the materials and if i want to make a suramar feast and sell it i cant cuz just the 3 bacons cost more...

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#2 - 2018/04/01 06:38:00 PM
Hello Grigdut,

The subject was discussed pretty recently here.

Of course the final price on the Auction House is a decision of a player that sells the stuff.

In some cases it may be a mistake. In some other they may just want to push the price up by trying to sell at rather insanely high price (it is to set expectations higher) and later lower price down to just rather high price.

In most of the cases however the price is simply accepted this way because people wish to level up their profession quickly. If you want something quickly you hardly care about the gold during that time.

Still if too many players would have been using gathering professions at some point and there would be just a few crafters, the prices should be back to how you expect them to be. Simply materials would by default get cheaper, if too many players would be collecting them.

It may even happen now with many players getting back to game to level the allied races. Gathering professions like mining or herbalism give some extra experience in game and it can help a bit with the leveling process.