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#1 - 2018/03/27 11:08:00 PM
Just hit 2200 and went to buy "New" Tabard. Am i blind because i'm not noticing a recolor. just same old one from season 3.

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#10 - 2018/03/27 11:42:00 PM
Thanks for starting up a thread on this guys! I don't really have anything else to share at the moment on this one. It was passed on to me that it was a recolor so it might be just a simple mistake communicating that. Looking into it though.

03/27/2018 04:22 PMPosted by Slamshamx
be careful with ur discussion of arena rewards on the arena forum !

mods r on the prowl, my tabard thread got deleted

I deleted that thread as its against the Code of Conduct to discuss disciplinary forum actions (Link). The discussion of the tabard here is fine though.