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#1 - 2018/03/23 05:26:00 PM
hi all,
i'm predominantly a pvper and i just received alpha. I'm currently wondering what the best way to give my feedback without max level pvp being available just yet would be. It seems like we have no honor talents again until max level which will be 120, so no trinket that i can see. it would be really awesome if players could use honor talents or even just pvp trinket before max level, it felt really punishing in legion to get a toon to max level and be at a disadvantage for X amount of hours of pvp until you unlocked the better honor talents.

I really hope honor talents aren't removed in the bfa prepatch and leave us with a bunch of missing abilities like trinket for a month prior to launch until we reach max, it's always fun to bg and duel with friends and guildies when everyone is waiting on the new content

i look forward to hearing about how you all feel in regards to pvp in bfa,
considering toggling in and out of world pvp will be optional i think it would be a great idea to give access to honor talents by 15 level increments just like normal talents but again this is just an idea

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#2 - 2018/03/23 08:49:00 PM
PvP talents are not yet enabled on Alpha servers, and more information will be available once we move into more focused PvP testing. Don't worry though, players will have an opportunity to use PvP talents while leveling in Battle for Azeroth!

Honorable Medallion is still granted to all characters once they enter PvP for the first time. We're also planning on unlocking access to PvP talents at a much lower level than in Legion.