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#1 - 2018/03/16 06:59:00 AM
I just realized that my warrior can't level her skinning past 600 skill. What am I missing, or am I actually bugged? If I see the trainer, he won't offer me any higher skill than what I already have available. Does it autoincrease when I start skinning? The character has been on the shelf for quite some time, so I am a bit lost as to why it's stuck at 600, while her enchanting is possible to increase.

The character was boosted to level 90 back in WoD, and was above level 60 when I boosted her, so her professions were boosted with her. She is currently level 101.

Heck, I just realized I can't even post on the forums with her, as it gives me an error.

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#4 - 2018/03/17 11:59:00 AM
Hey Aylish!

Have you tried going to Dalaran and checking for quests around the skinning trainer? With legion you can just learn skinning and complete the short questline that starts from the legion trainers which unlocks it up to 800!