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#1 - 2018/03/15 07:34:00 PM
So I headed directly to Bloodmyst after making my Velf Warlock, but good golly, I feel really weird running around taking their quests. I feel like they are all frowning on me and side-eyeing me when I'm not looking!

Never thought I'd be a Blood Elf running around here, exiled or not :)

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#4 - 2018/03/16 02:52:00 PM
Despite the animosity witnessed in the Azuremyst Isles, there have been many successful collaborations between Draenei and Elf in Warcraft.

The Shattered Sun Offensive in Quel'Danas for example has been one of the most successful. Another example can be seen in the Hinterlands, where the Draenei came to the defense of the local Quel'dorei.

While Void Elves were previously Blood Elves, remember most Sin'dorei alive today were also High Elves ;)