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#1 - 2018/03/12 05:00:00 PM
Does Blizz ban players for expressing different political views among players. A fellow player stated he was banned for days after a political debate where the other players all complained to a GM.

I can only hope blizz is smart enough to stay away from such a stance.

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#105 - 2018/03/12 06:46:00 PM
This thread is going to go nowhere good so I'm gonna lock this one.

OP if your friend was silenced this means that their server reported them. When reviewed, a Game Master confirmed the chat did break our rules and thus they were silenced. While I don't know the specifics of their silence, if they were discussing politics in a global channel like trade chat, that's a pretty easy way to get silenced. While players are free to discuss what you want in game, if its something like politics, just keep it to private channels.

Some of us like to escape from the real world and focus on the real problems of Azeroth, like the significant drop in property value for shop owners in Dalaran after being teleported with zero warning to the middle of an ocean off the Broken Shore. Why does nobody think of the small businesses?